How to connect a megaphone modem to a laptop. How to connect a usb-modem from Megaphone

  1. We use the standard program from Megaphone
  2. Configure the modem using standard Windows tools
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  4. How to connect Wi Fi via Megaphone modem - we connect Megaphone modem to the router
  5. How to enable Wi Fi via Megaphone modem
  6. How to connect a 4g Megaphone modem to a laptop
  7. Setup 4g modem Megaphone through the router

Modems are very popular due to the large coverage area. The ability to access the Internet from anywhere in the city is an undoubted advantage that a huge number of subscribers choose. Megaphone, realizing this, has released its device to access the world wide web. The only problem that may arise is the settings. In this article we will talk about it.

In this article we will talk about it

It would seem that modem setup is an easy and fast process. But many users have problems. First, a brief look at how to set up Internet Megaphone on your computer:

  • Using a special program from Megaphone.
  • Standard Windows applications.

The first way is easier, but not for everyone. This happens because some users prefer not to install unnecessary software. Also, if you use a regular SIM card (some laptops support this function), and not a modem, then using the second method is necessary.

We use the standard program from Megaphone

So, if you choose this connection method, then proceed:

  • Select the USB port to connect the device. He must be working and free. If the conditions are met - connect.
  • We are waiting for a little time, autorun works.
  • Install the software that comes with it. This process is automated, waiting for the end of the installation.
  • We are looking for a shortcut on the desktop program. Run it. If it does not work, then enable it in the “Run as administrator” mode.
  • We are waiting for the end of the search network.
  • We are looking for the "connect" button. Click on it.

After that, your Internet should earn.

Also, using the application, you can check the balance, the current connection speed and the amount of traffic spent.

Settings are done in fully automatic mode. It is important to understand that while doing this, profiles for accessing the Internet are registered on the computer. If you want, they can be used without the application from Megaphone. Just go to "Network and Sharing Management" and find the connection you need.

Configure the modem using standard Windows tools

Configure the modem using standard Windows tools

As already mentioned, the program from Megafon does not suit everyone. Fortunately, you can do without it. Consider this method in detail:

  • We connect the modem to a free USB-port. No need to install software - we will not use it.
  • Go to the computer control panel (use the start menu). Next, go to the tab "Network and Sharing". We are looking for a line that allows you to create a new connection, and click on it.
  • Select the option "internet connection". The type of connection will be requested, we need to select "Dial-up connection".
  • Now it is proposed to specify the connection settings. Register the call number - * 99 #. You can fill in the name with the password, but it does not make sense (Megaphone misses this data and does not require it).
  • Connection created. Go to its properties. Unchecks the box next to the function "Request a name." If necessary, we automatically connect to the network when the computer starts.
  • Go to the tab "Security". We put a tick next to the type of check "SNAR".
  • Save what you set up.

Connection created. Now, to use the Internet, you need to call the context menu of the connection (using the right mouse button) and click “Connect”.

Remember that you should always check the amount of traffic spent.

If you have problems creating a connection, you may not have any drivers. network adapter . This happens when you recently updated the operating system. Briefly indicate the ways to update drivers:

  • With the help of special programs (for example, “Driver pack solution”). Download the full version (this will have to be done from another computer if you do not have the Internet) to update the driver. Install, press the button "scan". Software update quickly, and then restart your computer.
  • Manual update. Start the device manager, and then look for the item "Network adapters". We see the device, right-click, go to the "Properties" tab, then - "Details". Copy the first line of values ​​and paste it into any search engine. Download the driver, and then return to the device manager. Call the context menu of the network adapter and click "Update driver", indicate the link to the downloaded file ("Run a search for drivers on this computer").
  • The program from Megaphone - the easiest way to configure. It updates the drivers needed to create the connection. The application will automatically install them, after which it can be removed, and connect your 3G modem using standard Windows tools.

If you perform any setup method, it will work.


3G and 4G modems from Megaphone - this is a good opportunity to use the Internet anywhere. The installation process is quite simple - anyone can do it. If you have something does not work, then contact the operator service center.

Sometimes people have problems with access to high-speed Internet, especially in sparsely populated areas of the country. If you are not able to connect the Internet from a major provider, then you can easily set up a 3G or 4G network from a modem, and then connect it to the router. Thus, you will be available to Wi Fi and cable internet connection on many devices. In addition, do not forget that you can simply distribute wireless Internet from a laptop by connecting a modem with a special Wi Fi option to it or installing a special software for yourself. The option with the router is relevant when the modem catches the signal only in a specific place in your home, or you have nowhere to insert a modem. Learn more about how to configure and connect Wi-Fi via Megaphone modem in this article.

How to connect Wi Fi via Megaphone modem - we connect Megaphone modem to the router

Not an easy task, however, is quite doable. You will need a set of tools:

  • Modem Megaphone
  • TP Link router with 3G / 4G modem support.
  • Laptop or tablet PC to set up a router.
  • Some personal time.

You can find out the model of the router and its compatibility on the packaging or on the official website of the company Follow the link and you will see all the available routers in the "List of compatible 3G / 3.75G USB modems" section.
These models are worth buying for this purpose.

In such routers there is a special USB connector into which you can easily insert your Megaphone modem. As soon as you do this, you can proceed to setting up the router itself. To do this, in the browser of a laptop or tablet, register the address

You will see a login window where you need to enter the administrator's login and password. If you changed them earlier, then enter your details.

In case you did not change these settings, try entering the factory login “admin” without quotes and the same word as the password.

Once you find yourself in the settings of your router, go to the "Network" tab in the left menu. In this section you will find the string "3G / 4G" that you want to choose.

Check the box next to “3G / 4G Only”.

Check the box next to “3G / 4G Only”

Now go to the “Wireless Mode” section. Further, in the "Wireless Settings". Here you need to fill in the following fields:

  • “Network Name” - indicates the fictitious name of your Wi Fi network.
  • Be sure to specify the correct region.
  • The “Mode” field must be set to “11bgn mixed”.
  • Check the boxes below as shown in the screenshot below.

Check the boxes below as shown in the screenshot below

So that no one connects to your Wi Fi without your knowledge, you need to protect the network. Go to the section "Wireless Protection" and set the parameters to "WPA / WPA2 - Personal". Check the items on the screenshot, as a rule, they are set as default.

Check the items on the screenshot, as a rule, they are set as default

All you have to do is to think up and set a password that you will not forget. Go to the tab "System Tools", then "Password".

Go to the tab System Tools, then Password

If you already had a password on the network before this, then in the first two lines you specify the previous password and the name of the network.
In the three bottom lines indicate the following data:

  • Your new username, which was previously specified by you.
  • Invented password.
  • Repeat password.

Make sure that the password is difficult enough, and you always remember it. Now the Megaphone modem will work through a router, distributing wireless Internet throughout the house.

How to enable Wi Fi via Megaphone modem

Currently, there are special Megaphone modems that can distribute Wi Fi only by pressing one button, but in earlier versions there is no such function. Nevertheless, it is still possible to distribute a wireless network by simply installing special software on your computer or laptop.

  • You can give preference to any software that you know, but this article will use the Virtual Router Plus utility for an example. Download it at This program is convenient because it does not require installation and is distributed on a completely free basis.

This program is convenient because it does not require installation and is distributed on a completely free basis

  • Once the archive is downloaded, go to it and double click on the file Virtual Router Plus.exe


  • In the window that appears, specify the name for the network, its password in the second line. The third point is left unchanged. Make sure that the Megaphone modem is connected to the computer and is working properly.
    Now click “Start Virtual Router Plus”, and the Wi-Fi network will be heard instantly.
  • Do not forget to turn off the wireless network when you do not need it, so as not to waste internet traffic and overpay for Megafon services. Just click "Stop Virtual Router Plus", and the program will stop working, and Wi Fi will turn off.

Just click Stop Virtual Router Plus, and the program will stop working, and Wi Fi will turn off

The initial configuration of the 4g modem Megaphone for networking does not take much time. Even a schoolboy or grandmother can handle it. It is just very convenient to use it where there is no standard and familiar access to the Internet. If you went with friends to nature or to visit relatives outside the city, or maybe just the specifics of your work is that you spend the whole day traveling, then this way of communicating with the global Internet space is right for you. Using the 4g Megaphone modem is easy, and the speed of work in the network will pleasantly surprise you.

How to connect a 4g Megaphone modem to a laptop

Outwardly, it is very similar to the familiar flash drive and connects to the device through the same port. Therefore, it would be logical to perform the same set of actions as when connecting a flash card to a computer — insert it into the USB connector. Do not forget to pre-equip the module with a SIM card that comes with the device. Further, the office equipment itself will determine the new device in its system and make the necessary settings. If for any reason this did not happen, then you need to configure the 4g modem Megaphone on the laptop manually. In this article, you can find the answer to the question. How to install a 4g Megaphone modem on your computer next:

1. Go to My Computer and double-click on the removable disk that appears;
2. A window opens with the installation wizard. Follow his prompts. Usually it looks like further -> I accept -> further -> install. The installation itself is offline and takes a minute of time on the force.

I accept;

I accept;


In the window that appears, remove the check mark from the tag “Multiphone” and click ready
In the window that appears, remove the check mark from the tag “Multiphone” and click ready.

3. A program window from a cellular operator will soon open, click “Connect” in it and use the Internet.
To save traffic, we recommend that you disconnect the device when it is not used.
Additionally, you can read about that.

Setup 4g modem Megaphone through the router

If you want to use the Internet not on one device, but on several at once, then the removable module needs to be connected not just to the laptop, but to the router. Then it will be possible to turn on Wi-Fi and hook up to it other smartphones, tablets and computers. This is also done easily. Step-by-step connection of 4g modem Megaphone to the router, instructions for you:

1. Insert the device into the router;
2. Go to the settings of the router through the computer;
On the reverse side of the device, there is a login address ( or another that is indicated on the router - we indicate in the address bar of any browser), then the standard login and password is “admin”, if you have not changed them before.
3. In the window that opens, look for the Network tab, then Internet Access.
4. Mark the line 3G / 4G Only (Recommended) and press save.

5. Now go to 3G / 4G;
Here check that your location, provider and automatic connection are correct.
6. Do not forget that your access point or apn must be password protected. Otherwise, even neighbors can use the Internet.
APN: internet
Access number: * 99 # or * 99 *** 1 #
Password: gdata (optional)
Username: gdata (optional)